Parliamentary Elections Candidate Emma Lindqvist

Emma Lindqvist

I am Emma Lindqvist, a decision maker from Raisio and I am standing as a candidate for the Left Alliance in the upcoming 2023 Parliamentary Elections.

I have studied Communication Strategy in Tallinn and Media Production in Turku as well as having spent a year in Belgium as an exchange student. Professionally I am a marketing designer though from a young age I have racked up work experience and worked in all manner of jobs from waitressing to stacking shelves. I am a commuting cyclist, a vegan and an affable creative. I enjoy spending my free time at gigs, working in different kinds of organisations and taking part in reading challenges.

I have always maintained an interest in societal issues and the equal division of welfare. Justice, equality and developments in related areas have been close to my heart since childhood. I first properly entered politics in the 2017 council elections; the voice of young people was underrepresented in decision making in my home town of Raisio and I was ready to do something about it.

I was subsequently elected a member of the Raisio City Council and the Regional Council of Southwest Finland.  I now am ready to take the next step and to advance the revolution of the young!

Emma Lindqvist Vappupuhe 2018

Parliamentary Elections 2023

I am standing for election because I cannot stand by while our welfare state is being taken apart, while austerity is implemented and while climate change is being ignored, and all at the expense of our young people. My campaign will focus on advancing equality and equity as well as bringing the voice of young people into the election debate. I want to initiate a dialogue on how to secure a good working life for all, the right for all to access high-quality universal education and the duties of the state concerning environmental questions.


  • Bring an end to the exponential growth of student loans! Student welfare should be based on study grants and should be  index-linked.
  • End marginalization! Extensive and sufficient local education is the right of every young person. Local education must include the right to learn qualities required by employers, the right to learn social skills and the right to have the support of a trustworthy adult.
  • Research grants to be guaranteed! Objective and high-quality research is the cornerstone of our culture as well as being an important factor in contributing to the economy.

Climate and Nature

  • The ground is ours! The land and its riches belong to everyone – not to polluting multinational corporations.
  • Stop the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea! Everyone in South-West Finland is responsible for their Baltic Sea footprint which is in no small measure caused by meat consumption.
  • More carbon sinks! Let’s harness the swamps and the farmlands as carbon sinks and support more sustainable forestry.
  • More public transport – fewer polluting luxury vehicles! Let’s end the widescale subsidising of luxury liners and ferries with public money and instead start the revolution of ecological and sufficient public transport.
  • Preventing climate change is the responsibility of society and government, not just the individual.

The Changing Job Market

  • Universal basic income now! A basic income guarantees subsistence amid unusual contracts, zero hours contracts and unequal wages.
  • Improved rights-welfare! Young people need more than just employment figures. A job will not attract people if work hours, the base wage, the amount of remote work, training and guidance as well as the provision of work healthcare are not tracked.
  • Scrap zero hours contracts!
  • Introduce a minimum wage! Working life is changing as is the way salaries are determined. A performance-based wage cannot be the only condition for a salary, a minimum wage must be guaranteed!
Emma Lindqvist Raisionjoki

Why should I vote for Emma?

You should vote for me if you want an alternative to divisive decision making if you want young people’s voices to be heard and if you want citizens’ wishes to be a part of decision making.

As a decision maker, I promise to honour my values, to base my decisions on facts and listen to the experiences of real people. I promise always to strive for defence of the oppressed and the advancement of equality.

In my opinion important qualities for a decision maker are the ability to step into another person’s shoes and to look at issues from different angles: empathy and thinking outside the box! The appreciation of one’s roots as well as knowledge of one’s region are also important.

Support the campaign, even a small contribution will go a long way!